Hillary Clinton co-writing fiction novel called ‘State of Terror’ — Politically Slanted

Add mystery writer to Hillary Clinton’s resume. The former Secretary of State is co-writing a novel called “State of Terror” with New York Times Bestselling author and long-time friend, Louise Penny. “Writing a thriller with Louise is a dream come true,” Clinton said in a statement Tuesday. “I’ve relished every one of her books and […]

Hillary Clinton co-writing fiction novel called ‘State of Terror’ — Politically Slanted

Red Friday, in the U.S.A., March 26, 2021@18:37-Well congratulations, to Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny on your forth-coming book…State of Terror. It is certainly, good to hear something concerning Canada, and that is Canadian author Louise Penny.

Not trying to get into my Canadian Forces DEFENSE MODE, though, i seriously wonder if our Allied world, would have the problems that they are dealing with; if our Canada…was NOT UNDER CRIMINAL TREASON, etc.,/1993 to 2021 and pending, which also regards your forth-coming book State of Terror?

Anyways, i have always liked Hillary Clinton, though, i LIKE all women from the state of Arkansas, U.S.A., I always support and admire, all Canadian authors, so all the best to Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny, on the book State of Terror.

Credit: Politically Slanted.

Brian Murza…Killick Vison, W.W.II Naval Researcher-Published Author, High Treason Q.E.II Analyst, Present Day Naval-Military Analyst, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

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Brian MURZA/Killick Vison is battleoftheatlantic19391945; W.W.II NAVAL RESEARCHER-PUBLISHED AUTHOR, PRESENT DAY NAVAL-MILITARY ANALYST, from Canada.

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