Leslie B. Tollaksen, USCGC Chelan, USS Moberly, and the Last Battle in the Atlantic, May 5/6, 1945 — Chuck Hill’s CG Blog

Caption: Biggest and costliest yet. This is the radio room on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Chelan, the newest cutter of the service now anchored at the Navy Yard, Washington D.C. This radio room houses three transmitters and three receiving sets. On the maiden trip, she picked up an SOS and towed schooner 1,500 miles, […]

Leslie B. Tollaksen, USCGC Chelan, USS Moberly, and the Last Battle in the Atlantic, May 5/6, 1945 — Chuck Hill’s CG Blog

Sunday, March 28, 2021@11:57-Great Blog, and YES, there were U-boats in American and Canadian Waters, PRIOR to V.E. Day/May, 08, 1945, and after; as U-190 and another German U-boat SURRENDERED in Canadian Waters, near the end of May/1945, and as U.S.S. Moberly and i think U.S.S. Natchez-sank a U-Boat near May 6-7, 1945 also. I may be wrong, though I think TWO U-Boats, or maybe a FEW more, SURRENDERED of the East Coast of America/North Atlantic, in May, 1945. I do NOT have NO Research Sources in front of me, at this time…so this is only a Hopefully Positive guess. I do, more than precisely NOT AGREE with ANY U-Boat GIVEN the ORDER to SURRENDER, as early as April, 3-4, 1945…as this WOULD SEEM FICTION FORMAT, at the LEAST. So TWO U-Boats to the R.C.N., at the ending of May, 1945, and TWO-or maybe i need to be CORRECTED, to the U.S. Navy in May, 1945. You may want to use as a SOURCE of RESEARCH…Axis Submarine SUCCESSES/1939-1945, by Jurgen ROHWER, as it STATES the sinking of Eagle 56, and ALL other WARSHIPS…ESCORT VESSELS…MERCHANT SHIPS sunk by U-Boats in W.W.II. My late father’s WARSHIP…H.M.C.S. Carlplace K664, was attacked by U-190, after W.U.B.,/SHAKEDOWN in Bermuda, and STEAMING back to Canada INDEPENDENTLY, K 664, was attacked 20 Nautical Miles, at the Sambro Light Ship, out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Another River Class Frigate-H.M.C.S. LEVIS K400, was sent out to assist in the HUNT, though, after much RESEARCH…by Mr. Keith Cuffling SUBMARINE DETECTOR/K664, and myself-as I already knew the fact, U-190 was the U-Boat that attacked K664, and to this FUC.ING DAY…as other Naval Researchers of W.W.II, i do seriously ACKNOWLEDGE that U-190, on March 24, 1945, at 16:00 , and the AFTER AFFECT of the ATTACK, more than precisely HID, and was HIDING…DIRECTLY BELOW THE SAMBRO LIGHT SHIP-which was used for a Navigational Beacon, etc., FOR WARSHIPS, and Merchant Vessels, etc., ENTERING the Port of Halifax…the Halifax, Nova Scotia APPROACHES. Anyways, I would comment on about 4-6 U-Boats in Canadian-American East Coast Atlantic waters, from about Dec., 1944 to May, 1945, though, CERTAINLY NOT A DOZEN…12 U-Boats.

Another Great book for Research is Death of the U-Boats…by Edwin P. Hoyt, which states U-Boats sunk by Allied Warships/Allied Aircraft, during W.W.II/1939-1945, and a nice back jacket, etc., back pages, with all LISTED!!!

Bravo Zulu, to U.S.S. Moberly, U.S.S. Natchez, for their U-Boats sunk with all hands; and YES-100 PERCENT FOR SURE… their were more than precisely GERMAN U-Boats, in Canadian and American Northern East Coast…North Atlantic waters; until SURRENDER…in late May, 1945!!!

Credit: Chuck Hill’s CG Blog.

Brian Murza…Killick Vison, W.W.II Naval Researcher-Published Author, Present Day Naval-Military Analyst, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

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Brian MURZA/Killick Vison is battleoftheatlantic19391945; W.W.II NAVAL RESEARCHER-PUBLISHED AUTHOR, PRESENT DAY NAVAL-MILITARY ANALYST, from Canada.

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