More complaints means more restrictions on family fireworks in Hamilton — Global News

Following a slew of complaints in 2021, Hamilton residents will now be restricted to setting off ‘family fireworks’ only on Victoria Day and Canada Day, between dusk and 11 p.m.

More complaints means more restrictions on family fireworks in Hamilton — Global News

“Red Friday, IN U.S.A., May 20-Victoria Day Weekend/May 24/2022@17:00-WELL, as I was BORN in HAMILTON, ONTARIO, Canada, THIS BLOG-POSTING has NOTHING in CONCERN of COWARDICE CANADA’S/1993-2022 …Loyal, Patriotic People; WHICH MANY are from and live in HAMILTON, THOUGH it DOES CONCERN YOUR PUNKS IN THE HAMILTON POLICE FORCE/1993-2022, WITH Retired Lieutenant-Colonel Gary THE GOOF OSTOFI/Canadian Forces-Reserves…DETECTIVE / HAMILTON POLICE FORCE, Stoney Creek-HAMILTON-Royal Canadian Mounted Police-AND CANADA WIDE, TORONTO POLICE FORCE, VANCOUVER POLICE FORCE, CALEDONIA O.P.P., Canadian Nation’s Security-CSIS, YOUR IGNORED Canadian Civilian Satellite-Computer SPY RING RATS-TURNCOATS-TRAITORS-5-10,000, AND YOUR VAS-Viewers-Associates-Supporters; WHOM AUDIBLY OBTAIN, via Satellites TO Computers, THESE COWARDS DISTRIBUTION OF NUMEROUS CRIMINAL FORMATS, INCLUDING HIGH TREASON of Q.E.II-Royal Family=AND YOU YELLOW CANADIAN CUNTS WANT TO CELEBRATE Victoria Day?” “To, more than precisely MAKE a LONG STORY-SHORT; RESEARCH-The Non-Fiction Canadian Military Published Author, Present Day Military Analyst/Amateur, High Treason Q.E.II Analyst, W.W.II Naval Researcher-Published Author, ON SOCIAL MEDIAS via Google Search, from Niagara Falls, Ontario, COWARDICE CANADA/1993-2022!!!”

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Brian MURZA/Killick Vison is battleoftheatlantic19391945; W.W.II NAVAL RESEARCHER-PUBLISHED AUTHOR, PRESENT DAY NAVAL-MILITARY ANALYST, from Canada.

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