Would Britain would have been as successful without Canada’s help at the home front?

“Monday VICTORIA DAY 2022-May 23, 2022@09:58-NO!!! BOTH W.W.I/1914-1918, AND W.W.II/1939-1945; BRITAIN more than precisely NEEDED CANADA, and ALL of HER DOMINION; TO PICK UP ARMS ANTI-THE AXIS…GERMANY and THE FATHERLAND’S ALLIES-which were THE, and OUR AXIS!!!” “Canada was an ALLY DUTY-HONOUR and VALOUR MILITARY; with ALL BRANCHES of The Canadian Armed Forces-NAVY-ARMY-AIR FORCE, NEEDED DURING BOTH WORLD WARS, and also Canada’s Industries-as IN Military Industry, Armament Industry-which is Military, AND ALL Industries CONCERNING THE WAR EFFORT of BOTH WORLD WARS; was a MUCH NEEDED ASSET, THAT Canada, Her Canadian Armed Forces, AND Canadian People…NOT ONLY ASSISTED IN, THOUGH SUPPLIED and PATRIOTICLY CAME FORTH WITH; in all REGARDS of SERVING WITH BRITAIN-as a Dominion-Commonwealth-Ally…DURING THE GREAT WAR/W.W.I/1914-1918-The War To End All Wars, and THE SECOND WORLD WAR/1939-1945!!!” Yours Aye-Brian CANUCK Murza…(Killick Vison-Alias), W.W.II Naval Researcher-Published Author, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

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I don’t think Britain would have been as successful in World War 1 without all the help that Canada contributed to their side of the war. I mainly think this because Canadians did so much to help out Britain. Canadians, mostly women, helped at home, with women’s organizations, in the industries, and on the farms. Considering how much support was provided Canada, the outcome of the war might have ended differently.

At home, one bold move that was done during the first world war was rationing, Canadians would try to eat as little as possible so they could send the rest of the food overseas to their beloved ones that were fighting. I think that this was a very noble thing that was done because Canadians were starving them selves so that their husbands, sons, and fathers could be given enough energy to keep fighting. Some things that women organizations…

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Brian MURZA/Killick Vison is battleoftheatlantic19391945; W.W.II NAVAL RESEARCHER-PUBLISHED AUTHOR, PRESENT DAY NAVAL-MILITARY ANALYST, from Canada.

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