Music Monday: Wheel in the Sky, Journey — Holly May Cormier

A classic from 1978 (circa: my novel Memphis), Wheel in the Sky by Journey is such a cool track. It’s one of the more philosophical Journey songs, telling the story of man trying desperately to return to his home. The verse lyrics are rather hazy, but the chorus offers an accessible metaphor for how life […]

Music Monday: Wheel in the Sky, Journey — Holly May Cormier

“TREASON THURSDAY=IN COWARDICE CANADA/1993-2022, March 24, 2022-WELL NOW; more than precisely Wheel in the Sky, by U.S.A., GREAT ROCK BAND…Journey IS a TRAVELING TUNE-SONG, and THEN SOME!!! Well, I have NOT Traveled the World as Y’ALL…Three Dog Night, though Continental U.S.A., Happy Trails to You Three Dog Night-I’VE GOT Y’ALL BEAT!!! Actually I have an OLDER Brother and Sister; SO I USE to LISTEN to my OLDER BROTHER’S THREE DOG NIGHT, Music!!! Great Tunes, THOUGH if Y’ALL are a KING OF THE ROAD; as ‘OL CANUCK…Wheel in the Sky by Journey…is a YEE FUCKING HAW…KEEPER!!!”

Later, Brian CANUCK-THE BREEZE Murza, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

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Brian MURZA/Killick Vison is battleoftheatlantic19391945; W.W.II NAVAL RESEARCHER-PUBLISHED AUTHOR, PRESENT DAY NAVAL-MILITARY ANALYST, from Canada.

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