Sandwich of the day: Chicken Teriyaki!

“WARSHIP WEDNESDAY, May 25, 2022-At my LOCAL-DOWN THE STREET Subway; Wednesday is CHICKEN TERIYAKI…DAY; with Two Morning AND Evening 6″ Multi-Grain Subs-CHICKEN TERIYAKI, Onions-Cucumbers-Lettuce-Green Peppers-Black Olives-Jalapeno Peppers-SOUTH-WEST SPREAD…AND The Ladies WHOM WORK at Subway…REALLY KNOW HOW to MAKE a SUB!!!” “Thank you Ladies, AT my Subway, as THESE SUBMARINE SANDWICHES; are KEEPING me ALIVE!!!” “IT, more than precisely MAY NOT be CAVIAR AND LOBSTER; though it is KEEPING THE ‘OL CANUCK-THE BREEZE…GOING, AND GOING, AND GOING…JUST BEHIND…THE ENERGIZER BUNNY!!!” Later-Brian CANUCK Murza, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.



Hello everyone, thanks for checking out my latest dish! I was in the mood for a hearty sandwich for some comfort food after finals, and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making teriyaki so I made this delicious chicken teriyaki sandwich.

This recipe will comfortably fill one person’s stomach, but I even had a little bit left over for later. The real highlights (and necessities!) of the sandwich are based on the fresh ingredients, and homemade teriyaki sauce. So let’s jump in and get started!

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Brian MURZA/Killick Vison is battleoftheatlantic19391945; W.W.II NAVAL RESEARCHER-PUBLISHED AUTHOR, PRESENT DAY NAVAL-MILITARY ANALYST, from Canada.

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